There are several important items you can do on this page. You can change/update your multi-factor authentication methods under the security tab. You can change your password. And you can track all your sign-ins by location. 

You can access it at this link.

Here you can change or update your authentication methods. You can also change the method used. For example, if the default is set to receive text messages, you can change it to us the authenticator app. 

This option give you easy access to change your password.

This option allows you to track your sign on activity based on location. You can review your recent sign-ins and if one looks suspicious you can immediately use the change password feature to update your password and keep intruders out. I encourage everyone to check your sign-ins and often as possible to help keep the organization secure. If you see anything that looks suspicious send an email to and I will be happy to look into it. I also encourage everyone to bookmark this page so that you can access it and view it easily. Keep in mind that when you use Windows Virtual Desktop or VPN, these locations may change. For example, Windows Virtual Desktop will probably show a Texas location. This is why is important to check often so you can get an idea of what locations you should be seeing and then if you see something out of the ordinary then you can report it.